It’s time that I had a Blog

I have just been told that it is time that I had a blog to entertain you with tales of Walton-on-the-Naze from both the past and the present.
For those of you who don’t know me let me introduce myself:
I’m Pete Frost and I am the webmaster (that sounds good doesn’t it?) for the web site of Putmans Photographers. In actual fact I am Putmans Photographers! There is only me! But I look after the web site which tries to show you a small portion of Putmans’ massive archive of photographs of Walton-on-the-Naze from the distant past up to about 20 -30 years ago. No modern day pictures at the moment, although these could appear in due course as comparative shots to some of the old ones.
If you’ve not already encountered the archive go to but make sure you’ve got an hour or two to look through the many pictures that you will want to.
I am a Walton boy through and through (well, an old boy now) and Walton is very dear to my heart. I have been here, man and boy, for more than sixty years and hopefully I will have a few tales to recount as the weeks go on.
If you find this entry, please give me a comment to encourage me to write on…
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8 Responses to It’s time that I had a Blog

  1. Merv says:

    Hi There.
    I loved reading your comments about Walton,  as a small boy we went to Walton for a weeks holiday,  this would have been just before war broke out. I was very young so do not remember too much about it.  I remember that it was a camping holiday.  I can vividly remember being violently ill after falling over in the sea and swallowing most of the incoming tide.   I also recall my elder brother eating  \’winkles\’  to me he was pulling out snails with a pin and eating them.  I thought he was disgusting.!! 
    Please keep up the good work,  your achives will in time be a tremendous asset to anyone who wants to access information concerning Walton-on-the-Naze and all your hard work will have been well worth while.
    Good Luck.

  2. Unknown says:

    I have lived in Walton only a short time and found your web site quite by accident.  Your comments about the place are very interesting as too is the history.  The photographs are amazing and fun to look through.
    Many thanks

    • Wilfred Broughall says:

      Hello Pete

      I have just seen your Walton on Naze memories and the Putman photos on your web site. They bring back many happy memories for me when I lived at Walton from 1946 to 1956. One photo in particular of the wreck on the beach opposite the Bath House that I had completely forgotten about. I too used to play on this on my way home from school.

      I attended Walton Secondary from 1946 -1950 then went to school in Colchester by train every day.

      I lived at 56 Hall Lane with my Grnadpaarents. My Gran was a “Mills”. Her father, Arthur, and brothers Claude and Wilfred owned the drapers shop at 46 High Street, which is now the Co-op.

      My closest friends in those days were Chris Scott (who I am unable to trace), Robin Benham, Jack Nicholls and Michael Hipkin.

      I also worked at a butcher’s boy for about 3 years for Basil Mason.

      I left Walton in 1953 to work in London for 1 year and then did 2 years National service.
      I used to return home to Walton every couple of weeks or so until I married and then it was less frequent but even after my Granparents died I had to return every year, at least.

      I must stop writing as I would go on for too long.

      It would be nice to hear from you if you would like to.

      Best wishes

      Wilf Broughall

  3. Julie woodhatch (was BA says:

    Hi, I lived in Walton from the age of 8 to 19. I attended Walton county primary school and was a carnival princes in the 1980/81 summer… Seems like forever ago! I loved living in Walton and have very much enjoyed looking at old photos and reading articles on your site. THANK YOU! Julie.

  4. Julie Woodhatch (was Bateman) says:

    Sorry, previous surname was Bateman.

  5. Stephen Gibbs says:

    This was a very interesting read. I remember the good old days of luggaging, althought my target in the early 70’s was a tenner and mainly consisted of journeys from the train station to the Martello Camp.
    I was a keen member of the Walton Judo Club and was taught by Reg Chumbley and Brian, sorry can not remember the last name. I recall myself, Jimmy O’donnell and David House winning the area Championships for the Club.
    Although I no longer live in Walton I am not far away in Colchester and visit often.
    Please keep the blog running.
    Regards Steve Gibbs

    • pete6917 says:

      Thanks Steve for your comments. I’m glad that you enjoy reading the blog even though posts have been few and far between for a few months. It was Brian Cottis at judo and Peter Chumbley, not his brother Reg who were instructors. Pete is still involved with the judo club although no longer training. His brother Reg passed away a few years ago and you will find a tribute to him on Walton Tales if you care to search back through the early posts.
      You clearly earned more than I ever did at luggaging. I seem to remember a florin or half-a-crown being a ‘good’ payment for a journey from the Railway Station to one of the Naze camp sites. Two pounds for a hard day’s work was the best I could have expected, but that was the late 50s.

  6. christine nichols says:

    Hi Pete.
    I spent my first 20 years in Walton. My maiden name was Griggs, I lived with my mum and dad John ( Jack ) and Eileen,and my brother David in Hall Lane. I recently bought from you pictures of Hall Lane. I attended Walton County Primary school. One of the previous replies to this blog is from Stephen Gibbs I believe we were at school at the same time as he mention a fellow classmate Jimmy’s O Donnell. I have a panoramic school photo taken in 1969. To name but a few of those on this photo Martin Baker, Richard Wright (bakers ) Martin Williams ( Reverend Williams son ) Hillary White ( Ernie White’s daughter ) Caroline Harris ( Butchers) Louise Norman ( Nippers daughter). The picture has the school staff also on it Mrs Baker nee Prosser Headmistress, Teachers Mrs Bryant, Mr Thatcher, Mrs Adams. The picture has the caretakers and cleaners, dinner ladies and kitchen staff too. It is a great picture because it has everybody in it. It also has children who lived in the Green Lane and Hill crest children homes.
    Kind regards
    Christine Nichols.

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