The Wooden Spoon

Yesterday I had the privilege and the pleasure to spend the evening at the fabulous new Wembley Stadium  to watch my son keeping goal for the Microsoft football team.

The event was the Microsoft Charity Cup 2007 which raised more than £50,000 for the Wooden Spoon Charity

"What has this got to do with Walton?", I hear you ask. Well nothing at all other than a Walton lad was on the hallowed turf and he did somewhat better between the sticks than Scott Carson had done the night before. His team only conceded one goal!

However, the charity’s name "Wooden Spoon" reminded me of a picture that I recently acquired showing a group of Walton Dart Players holding an enormous wooden spoon. Clearly they had finished at the bottom of the darts league. This is the picture and I am hoping that a reader may be able to help me with some details.  Darts TEam 50s  

 I can only identify four of the team members:

Back row far right is Fred Grinham and Bob Fairbrother is standing next to him.

Seated second from the left is Bob Edmonds and fourth from the left is Jack Sharman. Who are the others?

I have been reliably informed by Bob Edmonds’ daughter, Robina, that this is the Queens Head darts team.

 Help me if you can before I add this picture to the Old Walton Archive

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