The Changing Face of Hipkin’s Beach

I’ve just spent a most enjoyable day fishing from Hipkin’s beach at the Naze end of Walton-on-the-Naze.

A familiar place to many Walton visitors throughout the warm summer months, where a reputable kiosk run by Robert Hipkin offers the best and most reasonably priced cup of tea in the area. However, a different scene will present itself to holiday makers next year. The familiar wooden huts along the beach front are being removed to be replaced by a new set of nine individual huts.

The first of the huts goes In the spirit of the current recycling trend the huts are being relocated on local allotments where they will be put to good use.

Hipkin’s is the only privately owned beach in Walton, although it is available for free public usage at all times. The gentle sloping beach makes it very safe for children on a calm summer day and the kids really enjoy ‘crabbing’ from the breakwater.

It is a popular venue for fishermen throughout the winter months but today’s catch of about ten eelpouts is no recommendation. Apparently, a mounted stuffed eelpout is an old traditional way of securing a sale of a house – perhaps I should have kept one!

Here are some early pictures from the
Walton Archive of Hipkins Beach and Tea Hut

Reference 134-4     Reference 660   

Reference 569     Reference 278  


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