I recently received a message from one of the many Old Waltonians I have met since writing this blog.

Robina Dexter (formerly Robina Edmonds) sent me a photograph of herself and her mum when they were part of a cabaret act at a local function. Robina’s mum was well respected for her musical talents and known to the locals as Connie Balls, (her maiden name).

songs at the piano 2  Along with the picture, Robina recounted an amusing tale which read as follows: 
Did I ever tell you of the time when, at a similar dinner-do, Jess Sabin asked my Mum several times if she could play softly. Having done her best to oblige, when he asked again she said: ‘Jess, I am playing as quietly as I can. If you don’t like it, why do you sit so close to the piano?’

Horrified, he replied, ‘But I love your playing, Connie. I just want you to play Ruby Murray’s hit: "Softly*" ‘  (*Softly, softly, come to me….etc)

For those of you old enough to remember this song, maybe like me you will enjoy hearing it again. Click the link below and cross your fingers that the technology works. If you’ve not yet heard of the superb FREE music site ‘Spotify’ then you will need to create an account at 

Ruby Murray – Softly Softly

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