A former Waltonian now resident in Spain has sent me this photo in the hope that someone may be able to confirm the gentleman’s name.

Alan Harvey unknown manAlan Harvey. who some of you may remember as growing up in Saville Street. knows that the lady in the photo is his grandmother, Ellen Coles, who, with her husband, William Coles moved to Walton from Aylesbury in 1912. They lived in Churchfield Road and then 81, Saville Street where Ellen, who was better known as Colee, remained until her death in 1961.

William was a soldier in WWI but was invalided out and hospitalised in London in 1917. When he eventually left hospital he remained in London and simply disappeared.

Ellen became friends with Walter  Akers, a painter and decorator,  and lived with him until his death in 1936. They did not marry as the whereabouts of her husband was unknown. They did however have a child in 1918 who was to become Alan Harvey’s mother.

Thus the question which Alan asks is can anyone confirm that the man in the photo is either William Coles or Walter Akers?

My guess would be that it is a wedding day photo, judging by the bouquet and the button-hole flower, which would suggest the man is her legitimate husband, William Coles.

Bill AkersAlthough this photo from my Archive of ‘Bill’ Akers, a keen fisherman, does show a similar penchant for headwear as the man in the photo.

If anyone knows an old Waltonian who may have ideas on this; would you kindly show them this post

Whoops! Big mistake!
The hazard of working from someone else’s notes. The following message just received from Alan Harvey:

“Pete. The photo of fisherman is William George Akers. Son of William Akers. William George was my mothers cousin, Walter was his uncle.”


Since posting this, the following Facebook messages have changed my opinion


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  1. Steve Eborall says:

    The man in the wedding photo certainly bears a good resemblance to Dennis Coles.

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