Another Group Photo from the 50s

When I posted a series of photos received from Brian Plunkett back in May, I missed this group of local youths taken in the 1950s.

1954 Dawson, Keeble, Plunkett,Sinclair, Barfield, Towns

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3 Responses to Another Group Photo from the 50s

  1. Joan Rous says:

    It was so strange seeing photos of people I knew so well when I lived in Walton. My name was Joan Rimmell and since those days I married Edward Rous,, have five grandchildren and live in Canada . Brings back a lot of memories. Thank you for the memories.

  2. Joan Rous says:

    Hello again: I forgot to say thank you to Brian Plunkett for posting the photos. The one of me on the beach shows my cousin Gill and my brother Ron who has lived in Canada for quite a few years now. – Hope that you and your family are keeping well. Unfortunately a lot of the people I knew have now died but memories stay with you.

  3. Brian Plunkett says:

    Hi Joan have just picked up your message about the Walton group I sent though 1 2015,It was great to hear from you and some history of your life. I have been married for over 49 years have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren, have just purchased the older one her first car, she will be seventeen in September. I still leave in Essex and retired from banking a number of years ago. I am still very active, and we spend a lot of summer times up in our mobile home in Suffolk. My time in Walton bring back great memories,, and my time with you , although rather short, I was not always the best in those days. Again lovely to her from you, and I hope your life in Canada has been happy, and that you are in good health. My best wishes to you all.

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