Polley, Carter, Cousins, Cook and Horton

Polley George ArthurIn the past I have written here about my contact with Brian Polley the great grandson of George Arthur Polley the renowned coxswain of Walton’s “True to the Core” lifeboat.  


Recently my story has expanded considerably.

Back in August I received a request from Melanie Carter of Weeley Heath, to be put in contact with Brian Polley. I did this and then my inbox almost exploded with an exchange of messages and images between the three of us for the next two months.

It transpired that Melanie and Brian are third cousins and both are hooked on family history research.

I was delighted to keep in touch with both of them to learn more about their Walton families and I will now try to summarise some of their information, such that should another member of these families read this, I can put them in touch.

1960 Carter Bakers North St (Wrights)Melanie’s GGG Grandfather , William Carter (1809–1894) was the town baker in North Street. The bakery was later run by their son Arthur (1847-1928). This is a photo of him and his wife Sarah (nee Fitchett) in the bakery doorway  

The bakery was sold to Mr Yerbury (son-in-law of William and Sarah Carter) and Mr Button in 1930 and then bought by Wrights in 1933. It is now sadly no longer although I’m sure most readers will well remember the bake house and the aroma of freshly baked bread and cakes .



506 Eastcliff beach tents

Another of William and Sarah’s ten children was Stephen James Carter (1841–1931) who was the owner of East Beach where he operated his bathing machines until the council purchased the beach from him in 1921



Matthew Stoker Horton[2]Stephen married Emma (nee Cousins and previously Cook)) and lived in Eugene Villa, Saville Street. Their daughter, Lily (1872-1947), married Francis Gales Giles Horton ((1869-1937) who was the son of Rev. Matthew Stoker Horton the Minister of the newly built Congregational Church in Station Street.

879 Congregational Ch 1878

 Matthew Stoker Horton 




Frances Horton was a great pal of George Arthur Polley, making two epic trips together in 1893 and 1895 from Walton across the English Channel to France, in Arthur’s 19 foot sailing boat “Volata”. But that’s another story for another time.

To complete this story and make the connection with USA, one of William and Sarah’s daughters Elvina Mary Carter (1849-1927) married George James Polley (1846-1910), they had eleven children one of whom was the aforementioned George Arthur Polley (1871-1959), the coxswain of the True to the Core Lifeboat. (Below)

1511 True to the Core 16-12-1905

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3 Responses to Polley, Carter, Cousins, Cook and Horton

  1. Andrew Evans says:

    Hi peter,

    How interesting this is, I bet you get a thrill when this type of correspondence occurs.

    It is very good of you to forward this information on to your readers.

    All the best to you and I hope to get down to Walton in the nearish future,( is there such a word?) in which case I’l get in touch.

    All the best,



  2. Alan Jackson says:

    Hi Pete,

    William Carter (1809-1894) is my gt-gt-gt-gt uncle. William’s father, Thomas Carter of Gt Oakley, is my 4th gt grandfather. My great grandfather, Ernest Jackson, and his brother Leonard worked in the Carter bakery in their youth (late 1880s.). The Alfred Jackson family (Alfred, May and 6 children, including my great grandfather Ernest) emigrated from Walton to Los Angeles in 1890.

    I would be interested in corresponding with Melanie Carter and anyone else who might have an interest in my family history.

    Thank you for maintaining this interesting website devoted to Walton history.

    Alan Jackson

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