DAFFODIL DAYS – Walton Memories by Daphne Harvey

I recently had the pleasure of supplying a number of old Walton photographs to DaphneDaffodill Days Harvey to illustrate her 49 page A4 booklet “Daffodil Days”.

Any readers who were around in Walton in the 1950s and 1960s will probably remember Daphne’s father, Edwin Atkinson, better known as ‘Atty Atkinson’ –  the local sign writer.

Daffodil Days recounts Daphne’s early life in Walton from when she was born in 1924 and living in Green Lane at the house named Kosicot. Her mother inherited Wendycot and Sandycot in the same road from Daphne’s great grandfather who had built all three houses.Tariff

Daphne’s mother, Jessie Elizabeth Garrett, had grown up in Witham and married ‘Atty’ in 1917 while he was on leave from WWI service in France. Later she created a good business at Sandycot as a boarding house for the many holidaymakers who thronged to Walton between the wars.

This is the tariff for a stay in 1939.


High School Outfits


Daphne’s recounts her school days at Walton School with headmaster Laddie Lansdowne and then Clacton High School where she was a pupil during WW2, until the whole school, pupils and teachers,  were evacuated to Wolverley, near Kidderminster in Worcestershire, where she completed her education.

Returning to Walton Daphne met her husband Edward Harvey an RAF officer who was stationed at the radar post in the Naze Tower.

Daphne Harvey



Copies of Daffodil Days can be obtained for £6 including postage by contacting Daphne’s daughter at jilldyer35@gmail.com and I can recommend it as an interesting read with lots of illustrations.

I congratulate the 92-year-old author.

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One Response to DAFFODIL DAYS – Walton Memories by Daphne Harvey

  1. Andrew Evans says:

    Hi Peter,

    I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you a very enjoyable New Year. Thank you for all your work on Walton Tales etc, they are very interesting and enjoyable to read.

    Yesterday Maggie and I started viewing my late fathers 8mm/ super 8 cine films.

    All taken between approx. 1955 ish- much later around Walton.

    Would you be interested in seeing some of the early films , showing how busy Walton was in those days, the “Lady Kent”, beach scenes, pier scenes and several other sights including my mother laying a wreath at the War Memorial close to the railway station on November 11th 195?????????? .

    I wish to transfer these films to disc before the become un-viewable!

    Can you recommend any firm that does this for customers which perhaps is not too expensive but still good?.

    I still have several films to go through as yet, perhaps you would like copies of old Walton for your Archive once they are transferred to disc,…….. mind you I must ask my brother and sister if they object to this idea.

    Best wishes,




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