I have just been given this 1947 photo of Class 4 at Walton Primary School complete with most of the pupils’ names. There are a few unidentified as indicated by ??

Can you name them?

The lovely white haired teacher is Miss Lockyer who was one of the first of my teachers at the school .

Walton Primary School Class4 1947

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9 Responses to WALTON PRIMARY SCHOOL 1947

  1. Joan Rous says:

    Thank you Pete – I wonder if Richard Cook would have any photos – I know he has lived in and around Walton all his life. Bye for now. Joan Rous

  2. alan harvey says:

    Hi Pete.I started there in 1947 age 5.

  3. Angela Bishop says:

    How lovely to see the school photo with my Mum, Jean Blundell on, she was about 11 yrs old and not many of my Mum at a young age remain so thank you for sharing

  4. John Hall says:

    Peter i’m by no means sure but could the boy to the left of Francis Feltham be Michael (Mimmy) Bruce. Ask Malcolm Hutchings what he thinks?

  5. ruth822 says:

    An elderly friend of mine Pat Prosser was head teacher at Walton Primary in the 60s – does anyone remember her or have any photos from then?

  6. ruth822 says:

    Just thinking, Pat would probably enjoy seeing one or two photos of staff /pupils she knew rather than any of herself.

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