For those of us who remember the thrill of riding on the little train which ran on the Pier, I have some good news.

The engine named ‘Dreadnought’ has been found almost alive and well in Staffordshire.

It is now owned by Ammerton Railway near Stafford who also have one of the Pier’s old passenger coaches in service. ‘Dreadnought’ is currently awaiting engine repairs before it too will be back on the rails. The photo below is courtesy of our local railway expert John Mann who found the engine.

Processed with Snapseed.
Here are some more photos of the train when working on the Pier from the 1950s to 1970s

835 Pier Train142-12 Pier Train2615 Pier Railway Train lr2618 Pier Railway Train lr

The photo below which Jill Joshua has given to me, shows her father, Roy Turner, who
painted, maintained and drove the engine for many years. Jill, unlike the rest of us, was privileged to ride with her dad in the cab.

Roy Turner

While on the subject of steam trains the photo below, which was taken by Ben Brooksbank in March 1960, takes me back to my schooldays when I traveled to school in Colchester on these evocative locomotives.

This is one of the last two steam locomotives based at Walton – a Class N7/5 number 69651 which ran its final service from Thorpe-le-Soken to Walton on the evening of December 31st 1960. Next day it left Walton with engine 69650 for the last time.
As can be seen in the photo, electrification of the line was complete.

2279 Railway Station steam train + electrification

Thanks to John Mann for all this information.

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9 Responses to WALTON PIER TRAIN

  1. David Fryer says:

    I remember the train, it was better than the walk. Was the fare sixpence? I like the walk now and enjoy re-visiting Walton whenever I can. Can’t believe how those holidays in the fifties and sixties made for such happy memories although now tinged with sadness now that my relatives who lived there have passed. Still great news the train is still with us.

  2. Robert Webb says:

    i drove that train for 2 years in the 70s untill a wave cut the pier in half good old days

  3. Denise Mallam says:

    I can remember my husband keep telling me to watch out for the train whilst we were fishing on the pier.We used to travel to Walton each weekend for a whole long weekend of fishing in the 1960’s.Did that until 1969,when we got married and moved there to a flat above the fishing tackle shop.Good times….

  4. ANDREW HARVEY says:

    I seem to recall it was diesel powered.not sure if it ever was steam powered?

  5. Peter Wood says:

    Reading this article has brought back happy memories when I grew up in Walton in the 50’s. Travelled on this train many times. If John Mann reads this please get in touch. We were great friends in the 60’s

  6. Adrian Gould says:

    Wonderful memories of my Father taking me down to the pier every Saturday morning in the late 60’s. He died when I was 6 so the Pier Train is my fondest memory of him. Led to working for railways all over the world!!

    Again, if John Mann sees this, would love to hear from you! Long time since we photographed County of Norfolk and printed the pictures!!!!!!!!

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