Do You Recognise These People or Places?

Over the summer months I have received a number of photographs claiming to have a connection with Walton but I do not recognise either the people or the places.

This first scene is definitely not Walton although the lady who sent it to me says that ‘Walton’ is written on the reverse of the original. Could it be another Walton? It’s an interesting photo.

Walton where

The property below is also claimed to be in Walton. Do you recognise it?

Query Walton House

And finally three photographs of people from the past. Do you positively recognise any of them, please?

3 gents

unknown 2           unknown 1

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6 Responses to Do You Recognise These People or Places?

  1. Isobel Ruckert says:

    Hello Pete, I’m fairly sure that the second house is Craigness in Old Hall Lane.  Craigness is the one on the corner by the entrance to the Naze Car Park. All best, Isobel (Walker).

  2. Steve says:

    Hello Pete, the seated gentleman looks a lot like my Uncle Dennis Coles, but from an earlier era, so it might be a relative, like his dad for example? I hope this helps, best regards, Steve

  3. Neil Frost says:

    Looks like the Marine Hotel building, but a bit miffed as to what’s happening on the beach, perhaps they are in the early stages of building the seawall/ esplanade?

  4. Rob Benham says:

    If there was strong evidence to say it was Walton, one would think it had to be the Marine. The distant row of rooftops perhaps the bombed houses south of New Pier Street . . . but I think this is clutching at straws.

    The main issue to me is the chimneys of the ‘hotel’. Altered? Not likely. The only part of the Marine to have foundations was the chimneys, so the very core of the structure just does not marry up.

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