Walton Secondary School 1950/60s films by Lou Broom

Links to five of teacher, Lou Broom’s 16mm films made at Walton Secondary School have recently been brought to my notice.

“Plots and Plans” from the late 1950s features many of the children I knew from the Primary School and shows how the small town of Walton looked in those days.
If you were about then you will spot several ‘extras’ in the form of locals who were captured in the background.

I recognised many of the kids who I was at school with in the Primary School. I foolishly passed the 11 Plus exam and went off to Colchester where I wasted my time studying subjects such as Latin, instead of having fun racing around the town and being thrown into the sea, as my contemporaries seem to have done.

This film is in two parts and part two has some lovely views of the Boating Lake which will bring back memories .

Enjoy the freedom and antics of the children compared with today’s strict health and safety regulations.

The third film titled “Execution” is rather sinister and disturbing. Read the comments at the foot of the page.

Here are the links to YouTube

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1 Response to Walton Secondary School 1950/60s films by Lou Broom

  1. Peter Wood says:

    Many thanks for this post. I was in the classes involved with the making of the films. I have copies of them on video.I visited Walton yesterday as I live in Norfolk and found the place somewhat changed from when I grew up in the place.Sad to see a lot of the places a bit tired looking.The boating lake is now non existent. Pleased to see that the beaches are as they were in the 50’s & 60’s which are some of the best in Essex.Will visit again once the present situation has improved.

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