Hi, I’m Pete Frost.
I have lived in Walton-on-the-Naze all my life during which time I have seen many changes to both the town and the people who reside here.
I have been a partner in the local photographic business, Putmans of Walton, for the past 40+ years and have amassed a large collection of historic photographic images of our great little seaside town.  Several hundreds of these are now online at www.putmans.co.uk/oldwaltonindex.htm and hopefully many more will be added, as and when time permits.
If you have interesting photographs of Walton which are not already in the Archive I would be very pleased to include them for others to enjoy.

I am pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in Walton-on-the-Naze and will always try to assist with any enquiries.


12 Responses to About

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Pete Frost,
    I’ve been trying to trace my mother’s family in England, and Mom recently received a box of old photos and family information. She and her parents moved to America in 1929; she, myself and my daughter are all in Iowa now. My daughter scanned and emailed an old photo, labeled “Double family”, that could be John Parmenter Double, who lived in Walton-le-Soken, or his brother Robert. Robert lived in Walton-on-the-Naze and his family constellation more closely matches the one in the photo. His wife was Anna Maria Oxley. The older woman might be Anna Maria’s mother, Elizabeth (Mrs. Jonas) Oxley nee Fairbrother. Both brothers would be my mother’s great uncles through their sister, Sarah Offord Double, who married an Alfred William Wright of Newmarket, later Lambourn. The photo was probably taken between 1900 and 1905. I’d love to know the identities of the people in the photo for certain and anything about what happened to these individuals, but I’m not sure how to post the photo on your site
    Thanks very much ~ Sue Chihak

    • Alan Dadd says:

      Hi Sue
      my name is Alan Dadd from Kent in England I have been looking into my family tree and just recently found a site (www.fwheritage.co.uk/JS14_FamilyTree/FullTree.pdf) which shows combined family trees from the “lifeboat community of Walton on Naze Essex England” on this site I found part of my family tree where I could confirm the links with information I already had. It shows what I already knew my paternal Great Grandfather Simon Fairbrother and his sister Elizabeth Fairbrother who married Jonas Oxley and if you check this you will see Anna Maria Oxley was one of their many children also shows numerous other relatives that will lead to you somewhere, Hope this is of use to you good luck from a distant relative….,

  2. marina vinyard says:

    anyone have news on the burgin twins michael and chris—walton school –1950’s–sure would appreciate knowing–thank you marina vinyard

    • Marina Vinyard says:

      i guess no-one knows of the Burgin twins????—also Michael Harvey from Thorpe–who I believe went to Australia—anyone in my class I would love to hear about —thanks again Marina Vinyard—from Thorpe–left Walton school–1955

      • audrey crees says:

        Hi Marina. My husband remembers you, John Crees, he is now living in Fordham near Colchester, we have been married 53 years and have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren, hope to hear back from you,

  3. Pete says:

    Good to hear that the flood defences kept all safe – Pete

  4. Andy Lawrence says:

    More than two Double’s.
    At the end of the 19th Century both Robert and John Double were under the employ of the Warner & Co at the Foundry, John was a fitter; there was also an Alfred Double, a solicitor….
    I hope this adds to the story.

  5. Brian Plunkett says:

    Dear Pete. I have discovered a number of photos dating from the early mid 50’s of people I knew and some I went to school with, and I was wondering if you would be interested in same and perhaps you can tell me how I can get them to you. I await hearing from you.

  6. Marina Kiser nee Vinyard says:

    Hi there to to both. I remember John Crees thank you so much for your reply Mrs Crees . I am in New Mexico USA. I have lived over here for many many years. Over the years I have wondered how my school mates were and where they were managing to locate a few one never forgets their roots or the people they grew up with no matter how many miles separate them. Thank you again take care and if you happen to know of anyone else we grew up with I would love to know please. Kind regards Marina Kiser nee Vinyard

  7. Elizabeth Bowtell says:

    My grandmother was Elizabeth Bolsover Fairbrother and she married my grandfather James Walter Ashford. Her father and two brothers served on the Walton on Naze life boat their photographs are in the lifeboat museum in Walton

  8. Jo-Anne Herbeck says:

    My newly discovered first cousin once removed has sent me a column you wrote featuring the Fox Tea Room 27 High Street, that Wendy from Australia had sent to you. I have a terrible copy of that photo from my uncle’s family and wondered would it be possible for you to forward my email address to Wendy as I’d like to get in touch with her and see what she knows about our family tree? Thanks in advance for any help.

    • pete6917 says:

      Hi Jo-Anne,
      I have forwarded your message to Wendy Fox asking her to contact you.
      I hope you get lots of information and that you are able to assist each other with your genealogy.
      Please let me know how it goes.
      Regards, Pete

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